Vote! 2013 New Yorkie Runway Casting Call

Thank you for voting for your favorite New Yorkie Runway Casting Call Contestant!

The votes are being tallied and the winner will be announced at the 3rd Annual Celebrity Doggie Fashion Show on Thursday, Feb. 7th at the pet friendly New Yorker Hotel.

Come to the show and cheer for your favorite pup! The top ten contestants will be on stage where Host Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2012, and David Frei, the Voice of Westminster and NYR Show Emcee will present the coveted NYRCC trophy to the 2013 New Yorkie Runway Casting Call winner. The 4-legged and 2-legged winning team will than go back stage to the NYR green room where the winnning pup will be dressed in a specially designed New Yorkie doggie couture outfit and join all the celebrities to walk the New Yorkie Runway. So exciting! You won’t want to miss it!

2013 New Yorkie Runway Finalists

Gia Marie and Victoria ViscardiHuman’s Name: Victoria Viscardi
Dog’s Name: Gia Marie
Breed: Pomeranian
Play Area: Brooklyn, NY

Sisu and Laura DiazHuman’s Name: Laura Diaz
Dog’s Name: Sisu
Breed: Afghan Hound
Play Area: New York, NY

Puccini and Leslie RiddleHuman’s Name: Leslie Riddle
Dog’s Name: Puccini
Breed: Yorkiepoo
Play Area: New York, NY

Teddy and Tory ElettoHuman’s Name: Tory Eletto
Dog’s Name: Teddy
Breed: Lhaso Apso
Play Area: Mamaroneck, NY

Sophia Loren and Anna Marie TafoyaHuman’s Name: Anne Marie Tafoya
Dog’s Name: Sophia Loren
Breed: Pomeranian
Play Area: Los Angeles, CA

Chai Latte and Karen SanabriaHuman’s Name: Karen Sanabria
Dog’s Name: Chai Latte
Breed: Chihuahua
Play Area: South Richmond Hill, NY

Cubby and Kelsey SmithHuman’s Name: Kelsey Smith
Dog’s Name: Cubby
Breed: Shih Poo
Play Area: New York, NY

Amazing Grace and Summer StrandHuman’s Name: Summer Strand
Dog’s Name: Amazing Grace
Breed: Long Haired Chihuahua
Play Area: Brooklyn, NY

Campari & Bellini and Karen FeldHuman’s Name: Karen Feld
Dogs’ Name: Campari & Bellini
Breed: Toy Poodles
Play Area: Wash., DC & NY, NY

Mr. America and Morgan AvilaHuman’s Name: Morgan Avila
Dog’s Name: Mr. America
Breed: Leonberger
Play Area: Lynbrook, NY

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the 3rd annual New Yorkie Runway Celebrity Doggie Fashion Show on Thursday, Feb 7th at the pet friendly New Yorker Hotel! All ticket proceeds go to Angel On A Leash.

NEW YORKIE RUNWAY Celebrity Doggie Fashion Show